Frequently Asked Questions -  Property Management Services

Why should I use a vacation rental management company such as Urban Vacation Homes®️?
Urban Vacation Homes ®️ provides 100% all inclusive property management services. Our services include free professional photography, free video tours, international and domestic marketing, listing and inquiry management, guest relations, professional housekeeping, check in and check out services and a 24/7 on call reservation desk. By leveraging our professional property management services, you gain higher occupancy rates, increased revenue and peace of mind knowing your investment is professionally maintained.

What does Urban Vacation Homes ®️ charge for vacation rental management?
Urban Vacation Homes ®️ charges a percentage on the gross rental receipts for confirmed reservations. We only make money when you do. This includes all services offered by Urban Vacation Homes ®️ .
Please be careful of bait and switch advertising by other companies, as some charge additional fees beyond their standard commission.

Can Urban Vacation Homes ®️ help me setup my property as a vacation rental?
Absolutely. We've assisted many vacation rental property owners convert their single family and multi-family investment properties into a successful vacation rental(s).

Can you tell me more about the setup process?
Our setup process is very simple. If your property is already advertised as a vacation rental, typically we can have your property under 100% management in 2-3 days. This includes transferring your existing listings into our reservation system, analyzing the quality of your photography, reviewing your property listings, setting up our proprietary dynamic pricing software and integrating your availability calendar. If your property is being converted to a vacation rental, this process can take 1-2 weeks.

What if I already have listings on Homeaway, VRBO, Airbnb or Flipkey?
During the on-boarding process, any listings you have through 3rd party marketing channels will be transferred into our property management account and integrated with our reservation software.

How does Urban Vacation Homes ®️ handle emergencies at my property?
Urban Vacation Homes ®️ provides 24/7 on call emergency support to our guests and vacation rental homeowners. In the event a guest has an emergency, we are their first and primary point of contact. Shall the emergency arise to the level that you must be contacted, we will do so immediately.

Who provides soap, paper towels, toilet paper and any other items related to the guest's stay?
Urban Vacation Homes ®️ provides all of the above items and more! This is included in our property management fee.

What about pets? Do I have to allow pets in my home?
It is up to the homeowner. Pet friendly homes do receive more bookings, but Urban Vacation Homes ®️ understands many owners may not want pets in their homes. If pets are allowed, an additional cleaning fee is charged to the guest, as it is very important that the home be maintained free of pet hair, etc.. for the next guests.

Does my home need to be a luxury property to be advertised as a vacation rental?
No. Urban Vacation Homes ®️ provides vacation rental management for many different types of properties. We've provided management for apartments, condos, cottages, large pool homes, waterfront properties and more. Every property has its place in the vacation rental marketplace. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear more about your property.

As an owner, am I required to provide specific items?
Yes. It is the goal of Urban Vacation Homes ®️ to provide a positive guest experience and maximize the revenue generated for your property. We have identified and created a required minimum inventory list for vacation rental properties we manage. When guests are looking to reserve a vacation rental property, they expect certain items. These items include furniture, appliances, kitchen items, internet etc.. During the on-boarding process we will work with you to make sure the required items are provided.

Where does Urban Vacation Homes advertise my vacation rental? How much does this cost?
Advertising costs are included in our property management fee. Urban Vacation Homes ®️ has the resources and technology to advertise your property on more marketing channels than any other property management company in the industry. Our portfolio maintains occupancy rates of over 80%. We only make money when your property is booked. Urban Vacation Homes is an integrated property manager for Homeaway, VRBO and Flipkey. Your property will also be advertised on other sites such as Airbnb, Wimdu, 9Flats, Roomorama, Sabbatical Homes, among many others. Our reservation system is designed to provide immediate inquiry responses and our reservation team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We never miss a booking!